Normandy Landings (Edge of Tomorrow – Live Die Repeat) (1/9)

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The 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow (later rebranded as Live, Die, Repeat) features a sci-fi version of the Normandy landings in France. The film is set in the not-so-distance future where most of Europe has been conquered by an alien race. The humans assemble a massive invasion force  in the United Kingdom to launch a counterattack across the English Channel. American Major William Cage, a public relations military officer with no military experience, is forced by British military superiors to join in the invasion against his wishes.

The invasion is a massive failure, as it is revealed that the aliens were well-aware of the humans intentions and were waiting for them. Cage is killed in combat, but wakes up again the preceding day and finds himself in a time loop for the rest of the movie. Cage then has to re-experience the Normandy landings again and again and improves his fighting and combat skills thanks to his repeat experience and the help of British Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski. Cage then has to find a way to defeat the extraterrestrial invaders before they can defeat the invasion force and launch their own attack against London.


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Written by Nicholas