Ruger 10/22 (4/6)

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Last but not least, you’re going to need a .22 rifle for bugging in, even if it’s not the best choice for personal protection or home defense. That being said, a .22 rifle can be used for defense if it has to be, plus you can use it for a variety of other purposes as well. For example, you can use a .22 rifle for pest control, for target shooting, and for small game hunting.

Another big benefit to the .22 is its ammunition, which is so small and light. You can pack thousands of rounds in it the same amount of space that could only hold a few hundred of another round, and it’s also dirt cheap and in great abundance as well.

The 10/22 is also the most popular .22 rifle ever made, and is well known for its reliability as well as its affordability. If you want a .22 rifle for your bug in arsenal, and you should, then the 10/22 is a great way to go.


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Written by Nicholas