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The 12 gauge shotgun is what many people have in mind for a viable home defense weapon, and indeed, there’s no question that the shotgun is a very effective weapon at close ranges. For bugging in during disaster, a shotgun will simply be an invaluable self-defense weapon, and no gun collection is truly complete without it regardless.
But what is the very best 12 gauge shotgun for home defense and bugging in out there? It’s hard to fundamentally go wrong with a pump action, because it will feed just about any kind of ammo that you put through it. In contrast to this, semi-automatic shotguns can often jam.

But what pump action twelve gauge is best? It’s hard to go wrong with the Mossberg 590A1, which represents the pinnacle of everything a 12 gauge pump should be. Did you know that the Mossberg 590A1 is the only pump action shotgun to pass the US Army’s torture tests for pump action shotguns, which was conducted back in the late 1980s.

The 590A1 features 9 shots, in contrast to the usual 7 to 8 of other pump action 12 gauge shotguns, and also has a parkerized finish for superior rust and corrosion resistant than standard bluing. It also has the option to add a bayonet with a bayonet lug, and the metal is very durable and stronger than the metal on a standard Mossberg 500 as well.

All in all, the Mossberg 590A1 is one of the toughest 12 gauge pump action shotguns out there. It’s a war ready shotgun right out of the box, so for bugging in during disaster when things get really tough, it’s simply going to be very difficult to go wrong with it.


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Written by Nicholas