Smith & Wesson Tactical Accessory Rail (7/12)

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Smith and Wesson is yet another fine and well-known brand that is known for producing quality firearms, and their Tactical Accessory Rail Pistol offers superior precision and accuracy.

Their catalog offers a wide selection of 1911’s, like the Pro Series and Performance Centerline of 1911 pistols. These are manufactured and sold with a many options for materials and finishes. Each handgun has its own unique features to suit your needs.

The Rail Pistol has a five-inch barrel and single-action trigger. It also loads a single stack magazine. It also has the Tritium night sights for shooting in low-visibility scenarios.

The magazine loads eight rounds, and the gun is made from a steel frame and sides.
Loaded or unloaded, this pistol is extremely light-weight, perfect for first time users or female shooters.

The cost can run higher than $1,000, depending on the place of purchase.


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Written by Nicholas