Henry AR-7 (5/6)

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The U.S. Survival AR-7 is the most practical Henry rifle, and has the potential to save your life in the wild outdoors. Designed by Eugen Stoner as a wilderness survival gun and optimized for rugged performance in the most hostile of environments, this semi-automatic rifle will never let you down, wherever and whenever you might need it the most.

This light-weight rifle is only 3.5 pounds, and when broken down and stowed in the buttstock, roughly 16-inches in length. This size and compactness make it ideal to stash in a rucksack for a deep backcountry hike, camping, or as an emergency gun in a boat, car or trailer. Additionally, the AR-7’s light weight means you can carry much more ammo – you never know when you might need it.

Constructed of ABS plastic and foam filled, the stock gives the rifle a unique quality – it floats in water. When broken down and stowed in the watertight stock, it is buoyant enough that you don’t have to worry about diving overboard in search of it. The 16-inch barrel is steel, but covered with corrosion-resistant ABS plastic which attaches to the receiver with a barrel nut. Using a set screw to hold it in place, the receiver then slides directly into the stock. Full assembly from its broken-down components can be accomplished in less than a minute.

The blowback rimfire loads 8-round steel magazines and has a 3/8-inch accessory rail to add an optic if the shooter desires one. Without any added accessories, this semi-auto weapon comes outfitted with a rear peep-aperture and front blade. Best of all, the AR-7 is the cheapest in this article, for the casual or first-time gun owner.


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Written by Nicholas