Henry Big Boy (4/6)

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Pistol-caliber long guns may not be universally popular, but there are no complaints about Henry’s Big Boy line of lever-actions, which appeals to almost everyone. Chambered in a wide selection of handgun magnums, the rifle has some serious power and punch, and in many cases will substantially enhance the cartridge’s ballistics compared to a revolver or pistol. The muzzle velocity is increased around 300 to 400 fps, for example, when making the switch from a 4-inch barreled handgun to an 18-inch barreled rifle. Ultimately, you’re left with a manageable firearm for home defense, that you can also take hunting with your buddies. On top of that, the authentic cowboy look and style of the Big Boy will cause envy in all of your gun-owning associates and western-watching friends.

Out of their nine models in their catalog and seemingly endless customizable variations, the Big Boy Classic has the greatest balance between the aesthetics and flexibility. It has the traditional Henry company brass-frame and rich walnut, making this an absolute beauty. The semi-buckhorn rear sight and octagon blued steel barrel make this model the epitome of the company’s consistent professionalism and quality manufacturing. Additionally, your five caliber choices (.44 Mag., .45 Colt, .357 Mag., .41 Mag., and .327 Fed Mag.) will allow you to use this rifle for any purpose that suits you. Although of the options are solid, if you’re buying a Big Boy, you might as well go the whole nine yards and chamber it with the .44 Magnum.


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Written by Nicholas