Henry All Weather (1/6)

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If you are out in the deep woods and you happen to encounter a brown bear or big, antlered bull elk, you’ll be glad you carried your All-Weather Lever-Action .45-70 Government. It’s possible that Henry’s All-Weather Lever-Action is the ideal delivery system in more situations than this hypothetical dangerous scenario. Although it is configured as a guide gun, the 18-inch steel barreled rifle is nimble and agile, allowing shooters to deliver 300 to 500 grains of heavy metal round on target, accurately and quickly. A semi-buckhorn rear sight adds accuracy to that task, especially with their diamond insert that draws the eye intuitively to the sight notch while also providing the possibility of more precise work at greater distances. The rifle comes drilled and tapped, so adding a scope or optics requires just minimal effort for the owner.

Some gun owners might complain about the four-round lever-action because the metal components are hard-chrome plated, not stainless steel. Yet this treatment, when done properly, reduces friction and adds hardness to the surfaces of the metal components. It also proves more resistant than some stainless steel, making it an advantageous trade-off. The dark furniture makes this rifle look drastically different than most Henry rifles; the jet black finish might not look as authentic, but it is because of a unique treatment to the walnut to help it resist temperature, moisture and abuse. Some might like the idea of polymer furniture better, but the hardwood is a great compromise between functionality in extreme conditions, and authentic appearance and style.


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Written by Nicholas