Henry Golden Boy (3/6)

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This is perhaps the finest .22 LR in production today, or maybe even in firearm history, and there is plenty of evidence to support this claim. Even those who disagree with this claim have to admit that the Golden Boy is fun and exciting to operate for shooters of all ages, and all levels of experience and expertise. No other gun will give quite the same Hollywood Western appearance and combine it with fast action, accuracy, and durability. The brass-frame rimfire will always fascinate shooters of all ages and backgrounds. In experienced hands, the 20-inch octagon barreled lever-action is nearly as fast as any semi-automatic rifle being sold today. The rich walnut finish is more attractive, in a gunslinger sort of way, than anything else you can buy. It is easy to see why the Golden Boy is one of the most popular of all Henry rifles on the market.

But if you really want the authentic appearance and cowboy tradition, you have to pay for it – and not just on the price tag. The rifle is heavier than other rimfires, just a few ounces under 7 pounds. This will make it wearisome for younger or smaller shooters, carrying it through the underbrush and timber looking for small game like rabbits and squirrels. The price must be considered also – it runs nearly twice as expensive as most Ruger 10/22s. But don’t think that you aren’t getting value for this price tag – the high-quality features more than justify the $587 suggested retail price. A few of the commendable features on this rifle include a semi-buckhorn rear sight, tapped and drilled receiver (for scope or optics) and a transfer-bar safety for safe transport, even with a round in the chamber.


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Written by Nicholas