Henry Long Ranger (2/6)

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The Henry company listened to the desires and needs of the modern, all-American cowboy. Although it is a recent addition to their inventory, and a radical change in design from traditional Henry rifles, the Long Ranger has succeeded impressively in sales and performance. As its name suggests, this rifle increases the range of Henry’s previous lever-action rifles, which forced the company to redesign the platform from square one. The receiver is longer and made of aluminum, and features a six-lug rotating bolt as well as a removable box magazine. The results delivery as intended and are more than adequate for its desired purpose, giving the Long Ranger the capability of MOA performance with the benefit of lever-action speed.

Despite those changes, Henry didn’t compromise in creating what is fast becoming a favorite among enthusiasts. The modernization fails to take anything away from the authenticity and appeal, and the Long Ranger is completely American made and retains the attractive aesthetic features common to Henry rifles. The rifle’s straight grip, excellent walnut stock and sharp checkering in both fore-end and grip result in a beautiful and classic look, which is what the authentic collector really wants. The rifle is available with or without iron sights and it comes drilled and tapped, so adding a scope is a simple user modification.

The mild recoil and highly effective .243 Winchester round makes it comfortable and easy on the shooter, yet gives a serious punch from the 20-inch barreled rifle and can potentially bring down anything from deer to small game. There is nothing to complain about with either the .223 Rem./5.56 NATO and .308 Win. options, which give the rifle options and customization for nearly any application short of large game hunting, for which you will need another rifle.


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Written by Nicholas