Blaser R93 Tactical (5/8)

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The German R93 Tactical was designed by Blaser Jagdwaffen. The framework was based on the Blaser R93 hunting rifle, but given a detachable magazine, muzzle brake and fully adjustable stock. It was fielded in 1997, and since then, versions of the R93 are used by a number of military, special forces and law enforcement units all over the world.

Blaser R93 snipers serve in the military forces of most of Europe, including Germany, Bulgaria, France, Iceland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Only the new R8 bolt-action rifle replaced the R93 series rifles in 2017.

   The Blaser R93 Tactical is a traditional bolt-action rifle. However this weapon has the unique straight-pull action design that was introduced in the Blaser R93 hunting rifle. This complex action is faster and more comfortable, allowing faster follow-up shots compared to traditional bolt-action rifles. This weapon does not have a traditional receiver, but rather uses a lightweight aluminum receiver block underneath the barrel and bolt assembly. As one would expect from a German company, Blaser is known for tight and accurate machining specs.

   The barrel on the Blaser R93 Tactical is 600 mm (23.6″), but there is also a version with a 762 mm (30″) barrel. Field operators have tested the replacement of the barrel, which can be replaced within 60 seconds.

   This rifle uses detachable 5-round capacity magazines, but there are optional 10-round capacity magazines. When inserted, the 5-round magazine sits flush with the underside of the rifle body.

   The R93 Tactical has a lightweight stock with fully-adjustable cheek piece and a vertical pistol grip. A monopod can also be attached.

   This sniper rifle can deliver small groups with sub 0.25 MOA accuracy. This weapon has a maximum effective range of 800 meters.


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