Steyr SSG 69 (4/8)

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The Steyr is an Austia-developed sniper rifle, created during the 1960’s. It looks much like a common hunting rifle, but was intended as standard military issue in former Soviet Iron Curtain nations. Like the Barrett, the Steyr gained popularity quickly around the world. It was replaced in production during 2015, but due to its popularity, continues to be used world-wide for sniper engagements.

There are many reasons to include the SSG 69 in this article, and the primary reason is its long life and consistent quality. This rifle has remained unchanged since its introduction 40 years ago. Its design was truly visionary, incorporating lightweight synthetic components and cold hammer-forged barrels when none of the competition considered these factors.

Between the design innovation and excellent track record for field performance, it took other models nearly a generation to catch up.

The weight efficiency is yet another advantage of the SSG 69. Newer weapons with the same durability and accuracy can often weigh twice as much.

The superb accuracy the SSG 69 achieved using .308 Winchester cartridges is the most impressive attribute. It can be reliably effective out to 800 meters and was one of the only rifles at the time to be sub-0.5 MOA accurate.


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