LWRC Enhanced Individual Carbine (5/8)

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LWRC might make the best gas piston system in the world. Compared to a direct impingement rifle, these rifles run cleaner and more reliably. The LWRC Enhanced Individual Carbine is the latest version of their extremely popular M6 line of rifles.
The barrel immediately stands out on the LWRC rifle; it is 16 inches, with a 1-in-7 twist. The IC barrel is also fluted for faster cooling during heavy bursts of shooting, and features NiCorr surface conversion for superior barrel durability. According to specs, it will last for 20,000 rounds.

The gas piston system is another great aspect of the IC. LWRC designed this system to vent gases from near the front sight, away from the shooter, preventing gas from being blown back into the bolt carrier group. This gives it extremely clean operation, and excellent reliability.

The trademark clean-running gas piston system, LWRC’s nickel-boron coating on the bolt carrier group gives it more reliability and smoother operation. The IC will reliably fire any ammunition you feed it.

The customizable forend has rail sections that can be modded anywhere the shooter likes. The pistol grip is rubberized and more comfortable, and the adjustable stock is angled for a better cheek weld. The IC is comfortable to operate in both tactical, mobile shooting situations and also for long-range, fixed position firing.

Left-handed shooters will want this rifle, since it comes standard with a completely ambidextrous lower receiver, for comfortable and easy manipulation of all the controls without removing your firing hand.

The LWRC IC is at the top of the class with their next generation model AR-15 rifle. The gas system is shown to be the most reliable and sustainable on the market. It requires very little maintenance or cleaning, which is a huge bonus selling point. It is reliable and affordable and any shooter should be looking out for the LWRC IC.


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Written by Nicholas