SIG Sauer M400 Elite (2/8)

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SIG Sauer is already famous for quality guns, and they exceeded all expectations with the SIG Sauer M400 Elite. The baseline model is perfectly suitable for most needs but you can easily include a couple additions and customizations. Either way, you’re getting a great gun for a great price. The SIG Sauer German engineered quality guarantees its longevity and customer satisfaction..
The SIG Sauer M400 Elite was created to meet strict law-enforcement and military standards. Its reliability is top-of-the-line. The name of SIG Sauer is one of the most trusted in the global firearms market, and their guns have yet to disappoint.
The Enhanced SIG trigger features 5.5- to 9- pound adjustment, and the precision and accuracy that this gives you is a great touch. The basic M400 Elite does not have iron sights, so you can purchase SIG’s ROMEO5 red-dot sight for just a little extra. If you pair that with a red dot magnifier combo, you will consistently place rounds on target. You will be surprised at how gently the M400 Elite fires.
Left-handed shooters will be disappointed that the M400 does not feature ambidextrous controls. But the average right-handed user will love the features and the affordable price of the M400 Elite baseline model.
The M400 is a quality AR-15 that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It is built to perform, and M400 will deliver in any function without compromising. Gun owners around the world trust SIG and trust the M400.


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