Springfield Armory Saint (3/8)

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Springfield Armory has just recently launched their AR-15 model in 2016 in anticipation of new gun legislation. Fortunately, that didn’t happen – but the Saint 5.56 is worth checking out anyway.

Springfield manufactures guns in three categories: 1911s, polymer pistols, and M-14 pattern rifles. You won’t find better customer service or more consistent quality among these items. They make up for their lack of diverse products in their inventory by supplying the kind of personal customer service that you would hope to get from a smaller company.

The Saint has some upgrades that need to be considered. Most of the design, including grips, trigger guards, stock and forend are produced by Bravo Company. Springfield has coated the trigger with nickel-boron, which makes the rifle much easier to clean, reducing the grit that often accumulates in most AR triggers. They modest recoil is mitigated even further by the modified buffer weight.

The Saint is a ready-to-fire weapon that doesn’t require heave modification, and that gives it its appeal to the casual gun owner.


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Written by Nicholas