I.O. Inc. AKM-247C (6/8)

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The AK-47 lacks the quality of U.S. military specifications; I.O. Inc brings it up to code. The I.O. Inc. AKM-247C is a considerable upgrade over the basic models with only a small price increase.

The all-polymer furniture is the most noticeable and modernized upgrade, making the weapon lighter and more comfortable.

Making it even lighter is the wire folding stock. The stock is stamped steel and weighs very little, bringing the total weight to just 7 pounds. The stock is foldable so this rifle for easy storage and transportation.

To improve the ergonomics, some additional features were added. There’s an extended magazine release to expedite reloading, and the safety includes a bolt hold open notch for easy weapon handling.

The barrel is nitride, treated for corrosion resistance, and is as accurate as a chrome lined barrel. The trigger is sharp yet light, set at 3.5 pounds, suitable for personal defense or tactical use.

The sights are adjustable up to 1000 yards, which is likely farther than most operators can accurately shoot, given the constraints of the model.

The finish is parkerized and offers excellent corrosion resistance, and is also a good base for painting the rifle.

Although the rifle is reliable as expected, it has a very large gas port. The recoil impulse is heavier than expected, and may be uncomfortable after prolonged shooting.

The AKM-247C is a solid performer at a low price. It’s a perfect option for those who want an affordable, light rifle.


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Written by Nicholas