WASR-10 (3/8)

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This is the historic AK-47 rifle in its former glory, made affordable for the modern gun owner. It can accommodate pretty much any ammo and it should keep going all day when you’re hunting out in the wilderness.
This is a pretty accurate recreation of the classic assault rifle that the Soviet military used all over the world. It’s a tribute to the original, effective AK-47 and Century Arms has made all the effort to stay true to the design.
This Classic AK-47 has served all over the globe and on every continent, whether in Middle Eastern wars, African skirmishes, or Eastern European bloodbaths. It is an iconic example of modern warfare, and this is what it looks like in its purest form. You get a pistol grip, seemingly untreated wood furniture, and the accuracy and reliability that it is famous for.
If you’re looking for a wood stock, this rifle is the only appropriate choice. However, it can also be fit with a folding stock, which gives it comfort without sacrificing authenticity. This is the classic and historic weapon that everyone wants to use.
If you want to hold a deadly piece of history in your hands, at an affordable price, then the Century Arms Classic AK-47 is what you’re looking for.


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Written by Nicholas