Mutant MK-47 (6/8)

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The Mutant MK-47 has been composed by CMMG in a very clever way. While remaining a functional AK-47 design, CMMG took the very best design factors from the AR-15, to make a truly superior cross-product for sale in 2018.
Benefits: Your reliable, streamlined assault rifle now has a floating guard for accessorizing with optics, flashlights, or any other favorite tactical gear. The collapsible stock, and other adaptations, give it the versatility and familiarity of an AR-15.
It has a 16-inch barrel, giving it the increased accuracy of the AR-15, but still uses the larger, banana-shaped magazines for the standard AK-47. You will be surprised by the enhanced muzzle brake, also. This gun has everything that the shooter is looking for.
When you’re looking for an improvement over the typical AR-15, this is a great, muscled-up option for the gun owner who admires the original AK-47 experience. This is one of the best rifles on the market; try it out, and you won’t be disappointed.
You will find that this is possibly the most useful gun in our inventory. The others have appeal and nostalgia for AK-47 admirers, but this rifle has accuracy and consistency – good beyond 400 yards. If you are a hunter, take this rifle with you – it’s remarkably suitable for hunting, considering that it is an AK model.
Some of the other rifles in the inventory are pure spray and pray. But this is a precise AK-47 rifle. Use it for basic hunting, target work, general sport shooting, or all three. The generic Magpul Moe stock gives it a solid look and feel, and the accessories that you chose for the stock will personalize it for your shooting hobbies.
The direct impingement system is more refined than many of the agricultural models here. This is a different kind of AK-47 rifle, lighter, more comfortable and versatile.


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Written by Nicholas