Century Arms C39V2 (5/8)

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The C39V2 is an upgraded rifle for the buyer who values quality and is willing to pay for it.
At first glance, the gun enthusiast will notice the hazelnut wood stock. The smooth detail of the pistol grip and fixed stock will feel noticeably more comfortable in your hand and against your shoulder, and those contoured guards on the barrel make it both look and feel authentic. The C39V2 is a work of beauty as well as an effective semi-automatic rifle.

Chrome moly Nitride alloy composes the barrel, which is also chrome lined. A high-grade steel milled receiver comes standard. None of this takes away from the classic AK-47 design, and those familiar with the design will be delighted to find the iconic lever action safety that defines the AK-47.
The best quality of the C39V2 is the enhanced RAK-1 trigger set, which makes this rifle one of the top products in the market. Improvements that came with the AK-74 have been incorporated in the design.

Standard AK accessories and furniture will fit perfectly on to this rifle, but the glamourous wood stock deserves extra attention and care. For long-lasting use and appearance, make sure to oil it regularly.

The Century Arms C39v2 is a beauty of an AK-47 rifle that your shooting buddies will be jealous of.


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Written by Nicholas