Glock 43 (3/8)

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This gun is built first and foremost for concealment. As expected, it has all of the typical disadvantages of a concealed handgun, but can be concealed on just about any body type and clothing choice.

As with any Glock, you can expect the characteristic reliability and simplicity.

The 6-round magazine makes it ultra-concealable, but adds the risk of emptying the magazine quickly before the conflict resolution.

The 3.39 inch barrel fits comfortably in any concealed position. This is smaller than other single stack pistols – Glock wanted a model that stands out among the competitors.

The slim grip is an ideal design for shooters with small hands. Averaged-sized hands will have difficulty controlling recoil, however. The handgun is small enough that it should ideally be used by experienced shooters with good practiced technique to control the muzzle and recoil.

The Glock 43 is for shooters who need concealability, and have no intentions for competition or any serious concerns about home defense.


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Written by Nicholas