Glock 34 (4/8)

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The Glock 34 is the best option for competition shooting. It also functions well as a crossover handgun, if you’re need a good defensive gun as well.

The two differences between the Glock 34 and the Glock 17 are the slide length and the barrel length. It has a 5.31 inch barrel, which is an ideal length for the accuracy necessary in competitive shooting.

It has the longest sight radius and highest muzzle velocities in the Glock catalog, as you would expect in a competitive performance firearm.

This also makes it a capable defensive gun. The accuracy is more than enough for defensive shooting, and the muzzle velocity will deter home invaders or any outdoor assault.

A 17-round magazine is held in the full-size frame. This is great for defensive use, and the defender need not worry about immediate reloading. It is also a great capacity for competition shooting. Its competitive performance is also enhanced by some additional standard features.

Shooters with smaller hands will love the extended slide release and lighter trigger pull. This lighter pull will minimize muzzle migration during the trigger squeeze.

The final feature is a cutout for mounting optics on the slide. Gun owners who want to add optics without the additional work and cost of milling the slide will love this feature. Milling the slide can also ruin your gun if it’s done unprofessionally.

The Glock 34 is a great dual-purpose weapon for competitions and personal or home defense. The basic features make it competitive at most levels without heavy modification.


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Written by Nicholas