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The signature feature of Glock handguns is reliability. They work consistently when needed. However, the Glock 32 is the most reliable among a series of reliable pistols, and this comes from the .357 Sig round.

.357 Sig was designed in the 1990’s to produce a more accurate and more powerful round without compromising magazine capacity.

They achieved this by using a 10mm case and necking it down to .357 caliber. Using a necked casing for more performance gave the benefit of improving reliability, since the necked case feeds into the barrel smoothly, reducing feed-related jams and malfunctions.

The Glock 32 is an exceptionally powerful handgun, while also the most reliable Glock model. Additionally, it is designed with a versatile compact form, which makes it concealable enough to be a concealed carry gun for most shooters, while also capable enough for home defense.

The first drawback is that it only has a 13 round magazine, and .357 Sig ammunition is expensive and can be hard to find.

Second, the .357 Sig round has a snappier recoil than the 9mm. This makes it harder to control than the Glock 19. The more powerful recoil is difficult for new shooters to handle.

Overall, it delivers an excellent balance between performance and reliability. For experienced shooters who most value reliability and ballistic performance, this is a perfect choice.


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Written by Nicholas