Glock 26 (5/8)

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The Glock 26 is a subcompact model, which means that it provides a great balance between concealability and performance. The smaller grip makes this model easier to conceal, while the barrel length still provides limited accuracy.

The short grip that minimizes printing, so you can conceal this Glock universally under almost any type of clothing.

The immediate drawback is that it only holds 10 rounds in the magazine. This is necessary for concealed carry, but for defensive use, 10 rounds will quickly empty the magazine and leave the defender vulnerable.

The short grip also makes this model more difficult to shoot. An shooter’s hand size can only fit three fingers on the grip, which means less control and recoil mitigation.

This model has a 3.26 inch barrel to make the gun more comfortable and concealable. Unfortunately, the trade-off is that it reduces the sight radius and impedes the muzzle velocity. These are the physical limitations of any concealed carry model.

As a defensive gun, it is perfectly adequate. It is best as an option for those who want just one gun for concealment and personal defensive purposes. The limitations on accuracy and capacity make it less suitable as a house gun, but it makes an outstanding secondary defensive gun.

Overall, the Glock 26 is the ideal choice for gun owners who want a capable concealed carry gun, but aren’t concerned about home invasion or prolonged gunfire exchanges.


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Written by Nicholas