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The Glock 19 is the most versatile option if you’re going to buy just one handgun.

This model has a compact profile and size, which is ideal for multiple purposes.

The 15-round magazine and 4-inch barrel are solid advantages for defensive use without compromising size and concealability.

Additionally, the grip is longer and more comfortable for average-sized hands – this means that the most shooters will be able to get a full four-finger grip on the gun, which makes it nearly as controllable as a full-size pistol.

Where it really shows its versatility and adaptability is for concealed carry purposes and competition arenas.

The unit is light and compact, small enough to conceal with the right loose-fitting clothing and effective carry position. However, it’s not so small that it can be universally concealable.

The Glock 19 it’s adequate competition model, but it is surpassed by its larger relatives in terms of magazine capacity and barrel length. Beginner competitive shooters will get along fine with one, but more experienced competitive shooters will probably want a larger frame.

The versatility is what makes it the best overall Glock handgun. It performs equally well for all shooting purposes. Unless you have one specific reason for owning a gun, this is the best option.

This model is capable enough in all situations to be called the ideal general handgun. It’s perfect for shooters who want one gun that will work for all their shooting contexts and don’t have excessive performance requirements or a need for concealment.


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Written by Nicholas