Glock 17 (2/8)

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The full-sized Glock 17 is ideal for home defense needs. It also makes an excellent competition pistol. The most obvious drawback is the size – these larger handguns are not suitable for concealed carry.

The Glock 17 has a 17-round magazine and 4.49-inch barrel, making it perfect for self-defense. These factors increase the size and limit its concealability.

Obviously, a 17-round magazine has benefits for self-defense. The more bullets available in that first magazine, the greater your chances of ending the conflict before having to reload.

The longer barrel provides some less obvious benefits:

First, it provides higher muzzle velocity. This is critical for defensive use. Higher velocity is necessary for hollow point ammunition to expand and perform as intended.

Second, it provides longer sight radius. The greater distance between the front and rear sights, provided by a longer slide, improves accuracy during sighted fire. The longer barrel also slightly reduces the cone of deviation, which help your shots converge in a smaller group. It is important to remember that poor technique can eliminate the advantages of a longer barrel.

The Glock 17 is also easy to shoot. Recoil is minimized and mitigated by the full-size frame, which also provides greater muzzle control. Better control can only be found in the competition models.

The disadvantage with the larger frame is reduced concealability. The frame will typically bulge or otherwise indicate the presence of a gun on most average-sized people, and it is difficult to conceal comfortably.


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Written by Nicholas