Mossberg 500 and 590 and 590A1 (1/14)

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The 12 gauge pump action shotgun is probably the epitome of what a home defense weapon should be in many people’s minds. It’s easy to see why: a 12 gauge buckshot round or slug at close range is going to be simply devastating against human flesh. One of the most popular pump action shotguns on the market as well is the Mossberg 500, as well as its 590 and 590A1 cousins. These shotguns are well known for durability and reliability, and the 590A1 is the only pump action shotgun to pass the United States military’s torture testing on pump action shotguns. In addition, the 500 series of shotguns are very user friendly thanks to the ambidextrous safety lever on the rear of the receiver. Standard capacity is 6 rounds with the 500, but the 590 includes 8 rounds and the 590A1 holds 6.


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Written by Nicholas