Taurus G2C (14/15)

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The Taurus G2C is a budget pistol chambered in 9mm. It’s roughly the same size as a Glock 26, and holds 12 rounds of 9mm or 10 rounds of .40 depending on the model that you choose. This is a low cost handgun for only around $200 or less, and it has a myriad of features that you would expect on a much higher priced handgun, such as a safety lever on the side of the frame, restrike capability, a loaded chamber indicator, a Glock-style bladed safety, a loaded chamber indicator, stippling on the grip, and so on. The G2C also has a reputation for being reliable as well. The previous version called the PT111 G2 has a safety lock system that is a trademark feature of Taurus.


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Written by Nicholas