Colt LE6920 5.56x45mm NATO (1/9)

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We live in a day and age where the AR-15 is essentially the modern day musket, essentially serving all of the roles for us today that the musket served back in the 1700s. We can use the AR-15 today for anything from home defense to defending yourself against multiple attackers to tactical use to hunting (mid-sized game, at least) to casual target shooting and so on. Plain and simple, there’s very little that the AR-15 can’t do.

That’s also not to mention that the AR-15 is one of the most customizable guns ever made and is currently the best selling centerfire rifle in the United States as well. As a result, spare parts and accessories are incredibly easy to find.

In short, the AR-15 is simply one of the most practical rifles that you can own in this day and age, and it’s also very easy to learn how to shoot and has very limited recoil. The Colt LE6920 is widely regarded throughout the industry as being the gold standard AR-15 against which all others are compared to.


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Written by Nicholas