Colt Mark IV Series 70 .45 ACP (2/9)

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The 1911, in general, is a gun that no gun collection is truly complete without. Plain and simple: every gun collection needs to have a 1911. And what’s a better 1911 to get than a Colt 1911, the original manufacturer of the pistol? After all, wouldn’t it be a little bit cooler to say that you have a ‘genuine Colt 1911’ over say a ‘Kimber 1911’ or a ‘Ruger 1911’? That’s not to knock those brands or any other brands of the 1911, but it is just to say that Colt is indeed the original manufacturer of the pistol so, at the very least, it would be cool to say that you owned one.

In all seriousness, any quality 1911 pistol will suffice for your collection. But something that is very noteworthy about the Series 70 is the fact that, from the factory, it is made to look just like the M1911A1 pistol that served the United States military from the 1920s up until 1985. The pistol comes standard with a short trigger, arched mainspring housing, traditional hammer, and short grip safety and a short thumb safety. If you prefer the more modern components, such as the flat mainspring housing and beavertail grip safety, it would be very easy to have those components replaced.

In short, your gun collection just needs to have a 1911. IF you’re a traditionalist, the Mark IV Series 70 from Colt is probably the most traditional 1911 on the market today.


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Written by Nicholas