Welrod (6/11)

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The Welrod was an assassin’s pistol developed in World War II by the British. The pistol was very unique because it was magazine fed, but also a bolt action and had an integral suppressor. The pistol indeed has a very distinctive look, but the main standout to it was its quietness. When fired, it produced a noise of only 73db, which easily made it one of the quietest pistols at the time. It was chambered predominantly for the 9mm Luger round and held 6 rounds in the magazine.

The Welrod pistol was dropped into Europe for use with resistance fighters. The main purpose behind the rifle was to use it to assassinate German officers, especially higher ranking ones. Production was very limited to only a few thousand units, but it saw plenty of service and continued to be used after the war. In fact, far more Welrod pistols were built after World War II than were built during it, and it continued to be used as late as the Falklands War between Great British and Argentina.


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Written by Nicholas