Winchester Model 70 (2/14)

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The Winchester Model 70 is known as the ‘Rifleman’s Rifle’ and with good reason. The M70 rifles manufactured before 1964, often referred to as the Pre-64 Model 70s, are regarded as being some of the very finest bolt action rifles ever built. They were very expensive due to being handmade rather than utilizing modern day CNC machining. The Model 70s built since then are still held in high regard, however. Today the Model 70 is available in virtually any caliber you can imagine and a wide variety of different configurations as well, though they also definitely fetch high prices. The Model 70 is known as well for its three position safety that many other rifles such as the Ruger Model 77 have copied. The first position renders the action and trigger inoperable, the second position frees up the action but still prevents the trigger from firing, and the third position allows the weapon to fire.


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Written by Nicholas