Marlin 336 (3/14)

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The Marlin 336 is the second most popular lever action rifle ever built, only behind the Winchester 1894 in sales. Like the 1894, the 336 is chambered for the .30-30 Winchester round. The main difference between the 336 and the 1894 is the fact that the shells eject out of the side on the 336, while they eject through the top of the receiver on the 1894. This means that the 336 has the option for adding optics such as a scope or a red dot if you so desire. Furthermore, the grip on the 336 is usually curved, whereas on the 1894 the grip is usually straight. Just keep in mind that the .30-30 is more of a mid range caliber. It’s great for deer or black bear within ranges of a hundred and fifty yards or so, but beyond that you’ll want to switch to something else.


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Written by Nicholas