Ruger Mark IV (2/16)

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If there is one single handgun that Ruger is the most well known for, it’s this one: the Ruger Mark series of .22 pistols. These pistols have been in continuous production since 1949, and are the most successful .22 pistols ever made. These pistols closely resemble the Luger and Nambu pistols (this was intended by Bill Ruger) and feature a unique design: a blowback action with a cylindrical bolt that is located inside of a tubular receiver, which means that these pistols function more like a .22 semi-automatic rifle than most .22 pistol.

The most recent iteration of the Ruger Mark Series today is the Ruger Mark IV. These pistols feature a vastly improved field stripped system, a lighter trigger, a redesigned bolt stop, drop free magazine release, and an ambidextrous thumb safety. They are also available in a wide variety of different barrel lengths and finishes. Standard magazine capacity is 10 rounds.


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Written by Nicholas