Mosin Nagant (2/9)

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The Mosin Nagant served as the standard issue rifle for Russia (later the Soviet Union) from the early 1890s up until the adoption of the AK-47 in the late 1940s. It’s a five shot bolt action rifle that fires the 7.62x54r round, which has ballistics very similar to the .30-06 Springfield round. The Mosin Nagant can also have its rounds loaded either individually or by a stripper clip.

While crudely made, the Mosin Nagant is also incredibly durable, reliable, and accurate in adverse conditions. Nearly forty million were made and they were widely distributed throughout the world. Even today, Mosins are in use as sniper rifles in conflicts such as the Syrian Civil War. Tens of millions also hit the surplus market in the United States, and are routinely available at a very low cost. The Mosin is popular with American civilians as a collector’s item, a range piece, and a hunting rifle.

The Mosin Nagant is most well known for being the primary service rifle for the Soviet Army in World War II. The primary M91/38 rifle was standard issue, but more compact M38 and M44 Mosin Nagants were also widely issued.


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