Dragunov SVD (2/9)

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The Dragunov SVD is a semi-automatic DMR, or designated marksman’s rifle, which is chambered in the 7.62x54r cartridge. Like the AK-47 and AK-74, the Dragunov was widely adopted by the Soviet Union (later Russia) and numerous other countries and remains in wide use today. It features a ten round detachable box magazine for fast reloads.

The Dragunov can be used as a DMR, as a sniper rifle, or as a squad support weapon. It was designed to provide a much longer effective range over the AK-47 while also offering semi-automatic capabilities to give troops a faster rate of fire.

The exterior design of the Dragunov has a manual of arms very similar to the AK, but the internals of the guns are quite different. Many people believe that the Dragunov is simply an ‘AK sniper rifle’ but this is simply not true when it comes to the mechanisms of the gun.


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Written by Nicholas