Optimized MBP .50 (9/11)

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There are a handful of snipers available in New Dawn, but the Optimized MBP .50 got the job done time and time again.

This incredibly powerful .50 cal sniper can easily down an enemy with a single body shot, and from incredible distances. If you prefer the element of surprise, the Optimized MBP .50 is the perfect sniper to take with you.

The attached silencer makes it must-have for stealth missions, and the incredible damage and accuracy helps out everywhere else.

For those players who like adjusting their scope and taking their time, the Optimized MBP .50 is a must for your arsenal.


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Written by Sgt. Gunner

Sarge is one olde salty Goat. He is the operator of the popular 1:3 scale miniature gun models. His aim is to miniaturize the 'Greatest of All Time' Guns for users to display on their desks. Get to know the Sarge on a more intimate level by purchasing a miniature gun model at GoatGuns.com