“Space Force” VECTOR.45 ACP (8/11)

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I’m a big fan of SMGs, and the “Space Force” Vector.45 ACP is definitely on the top of that list. Besides having an awesome cosmetic skin that’s based on the new Space Force military branch, this Vector.45 sprays more lead than you’ll know what to do with.

When gunfights start weaving through buildings and tunnels, this SMG is a great weapon to have. Between this and the Sin Eater D2, no one will be able to get within 15 feet of you before meeting their doom.


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Written by Sgt. Gunner

Sarge is one olde salty Goat. He is the operator of the popular 1:3 scale miniature gun models. His aim is to miniaturize the 'Greatest of All Time' Guns for users to display on their desks. Get to know the Sarge on a more intimate level by purchasing a miniature gun model at GoatGuns.com