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    6.5 Creedmoor Review

    Need more of what?! (Dad Joke)

    If there is one new centerfire rifle caliber that has clearly taken the firearms world by storm it is undoubtedly the 6.5 Creedmoor. This newer caliber over the last several years has gained in popularity increasingly with both long range competition shooters and big game hunters alike. So what is the 6.5 and what does […] More

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    M24 Sniper Weapon System

    Best long range rifle in PUBG but what else…

    In this overview we’ll cover the M24 SWS, or Sniper Weapon System. The M24 is the United States sniper rifle variant of the Remington 700 rifle. M24 is simply the model name designated to the 700 since 1988. The M24 is also not just a rifle but a weapon system, as it also come with […] More

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    .300 Blackout Review

    What exactly is it?

    Ammunition companies are constantly working to improve cartridge technology. New calibers are constantly being developed that seem to push the envelope of what’s possible for range, accuracy and ballistics. It’s incredible to think of how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Consider this. The first semi-automatic rifle appeared in 1885. A […] More

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    SKS Review | Greatest of All Time?

    Would you like a budget, surplus rifle that’s both versatile and offers a lot of neat history? You may want to check out the SKS in 7.62x39mm. The SKS is a lesser known Soviet Cold War-era rifle, mainly because it was greatly overshadowed by the AK-47 and its subsequent variations. The SKS was originally designed […] More

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    Mosin Nagant Review

    One of the most popular surplus rifles on the American market today is the Mosin Nagant. Popular especially with collectors and those in the survival and disaster preparedness community, the Mosin Nagant is a very rugged, durable, and well-made rifle, and it also has a very neat and fascinating history. Mosin Nagants are also very […] More

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    9mm Ammunition: Choosing The Right Round

    The 9mm is the most popular handgun round in the world. Originally developed in 1901 for the Luger P08 pistol (hence being commonly called 9mm Luger), the 9mm is today the most widely available pistol round worldwide thanks to its effectiveness, low cost, and moderate to low recoil. Pistols chambered for the 9mm can often […] More

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    Ruger Mini 14 Review

    Yes we know, we need to make a Mini Mini…

    We live in chaotic times, with a major economic recession, rioting going on all over the country, and the worst global pandemic in history. It’s because of these circumstances that millions of Americans are rushing to stock up on as much firearms and ammunition as they possibly can. One of the best kinds of firearms […] More