Top Manly Items to Collect for a Man Cave

Build it and they will come

Congratulations, the day has come where you have finally secured a space for your very own man cave.  Now comes the fun, and potentially daunting, task of furnishing and decorating your space. If you want people to be impressed by your man cave, then you have come to the right place. Use this article to get some ideas on how to create the perfect manly retreat for you and your friends. 

The Man Cave Gets an Upgrade -

Comfortable Seating

The first thing to purchase is some comfortable seating for your man cave.  Nothing exudes manliness more than a large, comfortable recliner.  If a recliner is going to be your main place to relax, then you want to make sure to get a top-of-the-line model.  Look for a sturdy chair with lots of room and ample cushioning.  Test it out to ensure that it reclines smoothly.  Bonus if it has cup holders.

If you plan to have visitors in your man cave, adding a comfortable couch is necessary.  Look for the same qualities as your recliner: oversized, lots of cushioning, and durable.  You may want to consider buying a couch with upholstery that can be easily cleaned, just in case there are some spills during the big game. 

Beer Fridge or Kegerator

Nothing is worse than having to go into another room or even, gasp, walk upstairs, to get a frosty beverage.  Eliminate that need with your own mini fridge.  Mini fridges can conveniently fit in even the smallest of man caves. Place it right next to your couch or recliner and you never even have to stand up.  There are also mini fridges that come with cool designs or logos on them to match the theme of your cave. 

Have a built-in bar in your man cave?  Then take things one step further and install a kegerator.  A kegerator fits under your counter and has a tap that gives you a perfectly poured beer every time, foam and all. This option allows you to always have your favorite beer on tap, and keeps you from having empty beer cans to deal with. Pick and choose your type of kegerator depending on if you want one or two taps.  They also have more compact options, and kegerators for wine if that’s more your style.

Entertainment Center

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No man cave is complete without a killer entertainment system.  Really set yourself up right with a giant flat screen mounted to the wall.  This takes up the least space possible, while making a big impact at the same time. Once you have the setup, then you need the service.  To maximize your entertainment system, you need to make sure you have access to the most games possible.  In addition to regular cable, most companies have a separate sports package that you can purchase. This will ensure you don’t miss any game of any sport on any day of the week.  


To add diversity to your man cave, add a game or two of your preference. Games in your man cave are great to play during commercial breaks, or before and after the game.  If you have a lot of space, opt for a pool table.  It’s easy for beginners to pick up, and makes your room look impressive.  It’s also a great game to practice on your own when you’re looking for something to do. If you don’t have enough space for a pool table, a poker table is just as impressive and takes up less space.  For a more useful table, look for a one that is reversible.  That way, the poker felt can be on one side, and the other side can be used for eating.  If your man cave has even less space, try mounting a dart board on the wall.  It takes up no floor space and is a great game to play during halftime, or even while watching the game. 

Sports Memorabilia

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Once you have furniture and games down, it’s time to start thinking about some decorating for your man cave.  One of the most popular and manly options is getting some sports memorabilia from your favorite teams to hand on the walls.  If your budget is larger, search for the perfect signed jersey to frame and hang for an impressive display. If your budget is smaller, buy pennants and banners from your favorite teams to adorn your walls.  If you have the space, a small display case is great to hold smaller items, like signed balls or hats. 

Goat Guns

One of the coolest and most unique things to collect for a man cave are Goat Guns.  Goat Guns are miniature, die cast models of real firearms. Choose which model you want, and it comes to your house unassembled.  With a simple 5-10 minute assembly, you can build your own miniature gun and have it to display.  There are countless models to collect, so this could really be a great collection and decoration for your man cave. 

Final Touches

Once that’s all done, you may want to add a few final touches to really personalize your room and make it yours. All the categories above combined make the perfect manly man cave. It may take some time to get the entire room complete, but all your hard work will be worth it in the end when you have your own customized retreat.


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