Best Fathers Day Gift Collections

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Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for.  You may get lucky and have a few good ideas, but Father’s Day comes around pretty quickly every year, so running out of gift ideas is inevitable. Help yourself out and start a collection for your dad for their Father’s Day gift. There are so many fun and interesting collectibles that it won’t take long to find something that your father will enjoy collecting.  Plus, you will have a go-to gift for him for every Father’s Day to build his collection.

Don’t know where to start?  You’ve come to the right place.  Below, we describe some of the best Father’s Day collections.  Use this article to give yourself some ideas and get that collection started!

  1. Goat Guns

Have a father that’s into shooting or hunting? Perhaps the coolest collectible for him would be Goat Guns.  Goat Guns are miniature die cast models of real firearms. They are 1:3 size models that are made from actual metal and are between 4 and 15 inches long.  These replicas are incredibly realistic and have some weight to them, so they’re not flimsy or easily breakable. The best part about Goat Guns is that they require assembly.  Not only does this give your dad something to collect, but it gives him something to do as well!  This idea allows him to build and display his own miniature weapon collection. 

  1. Ties

If you have a father who has to wear suits for work everyday, then a tie collection would be a great thing to start for him.  Ties allow you to customize your suit a little more and make it feel more unique. Ties are a great thing to collect because there are a wide range of designs and patterns.  There are simple, single color ties, patterned, or even funny ties with cartoons or other fun designs on them.  Your father can collect the type of tie that best fits his personality, and his needs for work.  Once his collection gets large, you can even start adding things like tie clips or cuff links to the group.

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  1. Photo Albums
Red Memories Photo Album | Hobby Lobby | 51887

If you have children or a large family, giving your Father an annual photo album on Father’s Day is a great idea for a gift.  This starts a wonderful collection of yearbooks that watches his family grow each year.  A photo album collection gives your father something to look at during down time.  Watching the photos of people growing and changing each year allows for nostalgia and reminiscing. Each Father’s Day, you will have a great gift to give, and an easy one to make.  There are many websites that allow you to quickly upload photos, and it will create a photo book for you.  For a reasonable price, the site will arrange and make the book and send it to you. Or, if you want actual photos in the albums, you can make the book yourself with an old-fashioned photo book with pockets in it.

  1. Coins
Shiny Gold Coins | Oriental Trading

Perhaps one of the most common collectibles is coins. Coins have been collected for centuries, and provide an interesting pastime, in addition to an intriguing collection. Lots of antique stores have unique coins that you can find, or you can choose to purchase newly minted coins instead. Depending on his interests, your father can collect domestic coins made in the United States, foreign coins from other countries around the world, or both.  Either way, there is a plethora of collectible coins to choose from, many which are made to be gifts.  

  1. Alcohol
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Alcohol makes a great collection for anyone, dads included.  If he likes beer, get him some more expensive bottles for Father’s Day that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.  He can keep one of the bottles or cans as his collection to remember what he has tasted. For someone with different taste, wine and nice liquor are  easy to collect and a perfect thing to break out on special occasions.  Pair with nice mixers or bar tools for a great gift.

  1. Sports Memorabilia
Sports Memorabilia | Jersey Display Cases | Autographed Memorabilia

Every guy has his favorite sports team, so why not start a sports memorabilia collection for your father?  He can collect clothing, pennants, hats, jerseys-anything that reminds him of his team. If he has a man cave, this collection can be displayed proudly. If you have a larger budget to work with, or other siblings to pool money with, you can search for autographed jerseys or balls for his collection to make things even more special. 

  1. Fishing Lures

For the avid angler, start a collection of unique fishing lures.  Fishing lure collecting is less about finding lures to use and more about preserving vintage and antique lures.  However, a collection of more modern lures allows your father to actually use his supply, so it will bring him joy in multiple ways.  If he really gets into it, there are catalogs and lure shops that specifically cater to collectors. They can usually be found pretty easily while pursuing antique stores as well.  

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  1. Vinyl | homEdge Vinyl Record Coasters, 6 Pieces of Retro Style Vinyl  Coasters: Coasters

The last of the best Father’s Day collections is vinyl.  Your father will have fond memories of the music from his childhood.  While it’s easy to find and listen to on a moment’s notice, listening to it in vinyl on a turntable will really bring back memories for him.  To start the collection, buy him a turntable.  There are many more modern ones that will fit with the decor of his house, or vintage ones that have a more classic look.  Once he has the proper equipment, shopping for vinyl is easy and fun.  There are many brick and mortar record shops to visit and look for his favorite bands. It’s even a fun hobby for you to do with your father.

Final Thoughts

Any of the collections above would be a great thing to start for your father.  It all just depends on his interests.  All you have to do is find one that fits his interests.  You’ll be surprised to see how much he will love collecting.


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