Top 9 Instagram Gun Accounts of All Time

Lock n Load who you Follow on Instagram in 2019

Are you an active Instagram user but not sure who has the best gun related content for you to follow?  Since we are in the trenches of the Gun IG Network each day (yes, even featured on VOX for it) we thought we would put our Top 9  Gun related Instagram accounts to go and follow.

#1 @Goat.guns

Alright; we may be biased with our overall pick, but hey we are the G.O.A.T Gun account on Instagram.

We @Goat.guns do our best to mix it up for our followers. From #GUNNERFACTS to Giveaways, we try to not post dull or duplicate content. We keep our posting 'spam' to 2-3 daily with a couple of stories so none of our followers are overloaded.

We also feature fans custom builds and collections of our miniature replica guns. Go join Gunner and his elite fans

#2 @wrm_fzy

Posts are NSFW typically but hey, you're on a phone so just scroll fast. @wrm.fzy has some great unique content for gunners and Military enthusiasts. They have some cool merch as well (not getting paid to say that ;p.)

These guys will keep you on the edge of you seat as you never know what kind of a post is going to release.

#3 @Tactical.Taz

A little pup in our #3 spot? How DARE you call him just a 'pup'! @Tactical.taz is an american badass who is saving humanity one bad bug at a time.

His outfits are amazing and even better are the patriotic videos he does. This little guy will make you consider tacking out one of your pets. He often carries some of our Minis as well and is sponsored by BRC.

#4 @Alex_Zedra

The shoutouts for the supplement company she reps may get dull but Alex Zedra along with her boyfriend @Elidoubletap post some engaging content. Each post receives 20,000+ likes and she relates to gunners and gamers alike. Keep up the good work Ms Zedra!

#5 @Cerakoted

We love unique gun designs; after all we specialize in making miniature models with them. Inspiration often comes from Cerakoters themselves and that's where our #5 lands us is with Utah based Cerakoter @Cerakoted.

Lots of interested and unique designs, no shoutout spam/ads keep this a consistent Instagram gun account to follow for years to come.

#6 @Uniform_Humor

@Uniform_Humor has created a tribe of loyal followers and this is among Sgt. Gunners favorite Instagram account.. How could it not be when it combines military & gun humor?

You won't get bored following this account. We warn you however that there is a larger amount of shoutouts (ads) run on the page so expect to get spammed often.

#7 @Crazy_guns

There's dozens of Gun-stagram accounts. Some carve out their niche with unique posts or weapons and most others recycle one another's most viral content.

@Crazy_Guns does a decent job at switching things up and keeping their followers engaged. Several gun accounts have gone stale or innactive over the past year (also due to algorithm updates) but for a generic gun page, this is one of our favorites.

#8 @thegatman

Married to @CharissaLittlejohn, this power couple have a large following and provide a wide variety of unique content for their followers.

Some of @thegatman's posts have gone viral such as the floating gun. A few sponsored posts trickle in every now and then but for the most part you can expect a clean-following experience.

#9 @Blackwolf_inc

Another 'generic' gun account but this page followers are active AF. Join the crew and you won't see all re-purposed images that the other accounts are sharing.

The owner of the account is an avid gunner himself and travels across the nation to attend events & ranges.


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Written by Sgt. Gunner

Sarge is one olde salty Goat. He is the operator of the popular 1:3 scale miniature gun models. His aim is to miniaturize the 'Greatest of All Time' Guns for users to display on their desks. Get to know the Sarge on a more intimate level by purchasing a miniature gun model at