12 Greatest Gun Fails of All Time

GoatGuns presents the 12 most hilarious weapon fails of all time. It is truly mind blowing how some people have absolutely no idea how to handle a firearm.. but at least it allows us to have some cheap entertainment.

#1 #1 – The Ultimate Dumbass

Coming in with the Gold Medal this week is this Dumbass! Maybe the gun hit him so hard in the head that it knocked some sense into him. I would have preferred it kick back and hit him below the belt because people like this should never be able to reproduce.

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#2 #5 – The Gun “Expert”

I am pretty sure after this video was released, this gun safety instructor was canned. I mean, how the hell are you going to train people to safely handle a firearm and accidentally fire your weapon? Haha, oh well. He played it off nicely I guess.

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#3 #3 – The Disappearing Shotgun

Now you see it, now you don't. I have never seen something like this in my life.. was she even holding onto the damn thing?

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#4 #11 – “Nah Fool Don’t Shoot it like that”

At Number 11 we have a grown man who gets POWNED by a sawed off shotgun. His friend behind the camera immediately can tell that this guy is not holding it correctly and tries to warn him that the gun kicks like a mule deer. The shotty then proceeds to donkey kick him right in the jaw.

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#5 #10 – Gun Safety 101

One of the first lessons Clyde shoulda have learned is to keep his gun on safety AND finger off the trigger.. the timing of this fail is beyond hilarious. Now Clyde is going to have the dreaded walk of shame back to the truck!

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#6 #9 – The Mirror Douche

Coming in at #9 we have probably one of the biggest douche bags ever posting a video to his Tinder. It is known that only 3 people have ever swiped right on his profile and they are all Kin to him. He will probably be calling his mommy to fix the newfound bullet hole in his shower.

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#7 #8 – The Mad Dad

Not sure what this Dad was thinking but Fully Automatic weapons typically seem to have a fair amount of recoil.

#8 #12 – FireCracker Prank

Coming in at #12 we have an absolutely hilarious prank where this innocent woman is getting a feel for her new pistol. Her trigger control is absolutely terrible which is probably why when the firecrackers started going off, she thought the gun was. An overall good lesson learned for this NOOB!

#9 #7 – Trip to the Dentist

People who do not shoot guns very often just need to flat out stay away from sawed off shotguns.. This is the second sawed off fail in this compilation. I think its safe to say that this upcoming Christmas, this person will be singing the classic - "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"

#10 #4 – The Tree Chopper

Need a tree cut down? Screw a chainsaw, just call this guy. Ol dead eye donny can make it out to your property and chop your trees down with ONE SINGLE SHOT.

#11 #2 – Bad Friends

Only bad friends would allow their friend to shoot a weapon like this... Everybody and their dog knows that this is not going to end well before it even happens. Oh well, made for a good silver medal in our top 12.

#12 #6 – Just laugh it off

If you mess up, sometimes its best to just laugh it off no matter how bad it hurts. She will probably be joining #7 & #11 in their trips to the dentist since they all do not know the proper way to handle a shotgun.

Written by Sgt. Gunner

Sarge is one olde salty Goat. He is the operator of the popular 1:3 scale miniature gun models. His aim is to miniaturize the 'Greatest of All Time' Guns for users to display on their desks. Get to know the Sarge on a more intimate level by purchasing a miniature gun model at GoatGuns.com