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CMMG is an American company that manufactures AR rifles, components, and small parts.  It is a relatively new company, established in just 2002, but has seen great success and growth since its inception. Keep reading for a brief history and review of the CMMG company.


In 2002, four members of the Overstreet family, John Jeff, Stephanie, and Gretchen, founded the CMMG Company in Fayette, Missouri. CMMG stands for Central Missouri Machine Guns.  The Overstreets had a dream to create a high quality AR rifle that was affordable to everyone, and they made their dream a reality.  In a market where there are countless AR rifle options for the consumers, CMMG has made a name for itself by creating something new.

The firearm market is inundated with AR choices that have only a few chamber options: .223 Rem., 5.56×45 mm NATO for AR 15s, and .308 Win./7.62×51 NATO for AR 10s.  CMMG expanded the AR market by specializing in high quality AR rifles that are chambered for a wide variety of other cartridges.  This allows users to choose the cartridge they prefer instead of being stuck with only a few options.  This feature fulfills CMMG’s philosophy and tag line, “Aim to be Different.”

When the company began, it consisted of brothers John and Jeff Overstreet, Jeff’s wife Stephanie, and John’s wife Gretchen. These four assembled guns by hand from a building on their family’s farm. After four years of running the company like this, growth was so much that they had to hire a full time staff in 2006. The manufacturing and production building was expanded multiple times to accommodate the employees and equipment that the company required.


Eventually, the farm building was not suitable for the size and scope of the business.  Partially because of its size and capabilities, and partially because it was located down a narrow gravel road that delivery trucks could not navigate. At the end of every work day, employees had to cart their firearms down the road to where the trucks could pick them up. Finally, in 2016, the company relocated 25 miles away to a factory in Boonville, Missouri, where they currently reside. 

Today, CMMG produces ARs with 16 different cartridges. Despite differences in size and chambering, all of the CMMG ARs are traditional detachable, box-fed semi-automatics.  They have an upper receiver, and a barrel assembly that is joined to the lower receiver with two takedown pins. Even now, CMMG is a build-to-order company, so your order will be made specifically for you upon your order. 


The CMMG website can be found at On the homepage of the site, the first thing you will see is featured products, as well as customer favorites. Scrolling down will allow you to find trending products, and links to different product categories on the site. You can also navigate to these product categories by clicking the menu bar at the top left corner of the site.

One of the most unique features of their website is the “Assemble Your AR” section. This section allows you to completely customize your own firearm.  There are drop down menus for you to choose caliber, barrel length, platform, series, gun types, and finish. Once you choose what you want for each category, an image of your firearm pops up with a complete spec list, including weight, length, and price, underneath. This allows you to see every aspect of your build right in front of you so that you can make adjustments as you see fit.

Resolute | CMMG - AR 15 and AR 10 Builds and Parts

If building your own does not interest you, there are a plethora of options to choose from.  The Banshee category will take you to pistols and short barrel rifles if you are looking for a portable and concealable firearm. They are available in 100, 200, and 300 series. CMMG’s Resolute line of firearms are described as “purpose-built, accurate workhorses,” that also come in a 100, 200, and 300 series. Lastly, the Endeavor line of ARs are long range rifles that are made to be precisely accurate at long distances.  These are also offered in 100, 200, and 300 series. 

If parts are what you’re looking for, then there are a lot to choose from.  Both upper and lower receivers are available in either build kits or simply stripped. AR parts are offered in the following categories: upper parts, zeroed enhanced parts, lower parts, magazines, AR conversions, or repair kits and parts. CMMG also sells tools and accessories needed to build or maintain your arsenal, as well as gear and apparel with the CMMG name and logo on it. 

The sale of CMMG firearms and products is done entirely online; they do not have a brick and mortar storefront location, primarily because their firearms are custom.  With this being said, there are some brick and mortar locations, like sporting goods stores, that do carry CMMG products. You can search for them online before you head out. Keep this in mind if you want to see and hold what you are purchasing before you buy it. 


Despite its success, CMMG remains close to its roots as a family business.  It takes its products seriously, and produces nothing but quality firearms and parts. All of its products carry a lifetime quality guarantee, so you know they stand behind their work.  We can expect to see more innovative and quality products from CMMG in the future.


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