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Trijicon is a company that began by creating and producing equipment primarily for the US Marine Corps and law enforcement agencies. While these products were created with the military and law enforcement in mind, they are equally as useful and well-liked by shooters and hunters all over the world.

There are many different products that they produce, however they are the industry leaders for riflescopes, red dot sights, electro optics, and iron sights.

Below is a list of some of the best and most highly rated Trijicon sights based on your votes.

#1 Trijicon Bright and Tough Suppressor Night Sights

While the Bright and Tough Suppressor Night Sight is designed very similarly to the original Bright and Tough Night Sight, it is made specifically for pistols that are fitted with suppressors. Additionally, this sight can serve as a backup iron sight. Like the Bright and Tough Night Sight, it has increased height to accommodate multiple different shooting applications, as well as increased daylight dot visibility. 

#2 Trijicon Bright and Tough Night Sights

One of the most popular sights from Trijicon are their Bright and Tough Night Sights.  These are three dot iron sights that have the capability to increase shooting accuracy by up to five times during night time shooting. These sights are made from metal and surrounded in silicone rubber for cushioning and shock resistance. The sapphire jewel on the top of each lamp is in place to help evenly distribute the light while simultaneously protecting the lamp from damage. While these sights come with an installation tool it is recommended that they be installed by a professional.

#3 Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight

The Specialized Reflex Optic from Trijicon is designed to have a large field of view and a clear, red dot to greatly improve your accuracy for competitive and target shooting situations. Although it is a small addition to your weapon, it is durable, and strong enough to withstand rough and tumble treatment. This optic features both manual and automatic LED brightness modes so that the brightness fits your exact environment and situation. With this red dot sight, you can quickly find and track your dot.

#4 Trijicon Reflex Sight 1×42

The reflex sight was designed for close quarter situations.  It allows you to shoot with both eyes open, giving you an advantage and improving your accuracy. This large 42mm objective lens gives you a big sight picture with bright and realistic color. Multiple options are available for different types of weapons, as well as your choice of green or amber colors. The Trijicon Reflex Sight 1x42 works impeccably under virtually any light conditions.  

#5 Trijicon TrijiDot Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight-.210-.280 Wide Ribs

The TrijiDot Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight is made specifically to fit a .210-.280 inch wide barrel rib shotgun. Conveniently, this sight fits on some of the most popular shotgun brands, like Benelli and Winchester. This sight is designed to use ambient light to give the shooter a clear and bright point of light to aim at, even in low lighting conditions. The green fiber optic shotgun sight is topped with a sapphire jewel for protection and to evenly distribute the light that it is using. While this sight can be used in tactical and defense situations, it is also perfect for hunting applications as well. 

#6 Trijicon HD XR Night Sights for Glock Pistols

The Trijicon HD XR Night Sight for Glock pistols was designed with law enforcement in mind. With a thin front post and a glow-in-the-dark front outline, this sight is ideal for night situations. This sight allows the shooter to identify and engage their target at increased distances in the dark. It also gives the shooter a wide field of view, giving the opportunity to quickly identify and track targets. Both green and orange outlines are available for the HD XR Night Sight, and it is also available for many other weapons.

#7 Trijicon Fiber Sights for Sig Sauer #8 Front/ #8 Rear

Trijicon is known for the high quality fiber optic materials used in their Fiber Sights. This sight is specifically engineered to produce the brightest point of light possible while also maintaining a refined sight picture.  The Fiber Sights come straight from the factory with a .060-inch red fiber that is already installed on the front sight, as well as some red and greed replacement fibers in the package. Make sure to check the measurements before purchasing for your Sig Sauer model.  If you are interested in this sight for a different weapon, it is made for some others as well.


#8 Trijicon Machine Gun Reflex Sight

Last on our list, but certainly not the least, is the Trijicon Machine Gun Reflex Sight.  This option is a non-magnified sight that you can mount to either the M2 or M240 machine gun. Originally designed as military technology, this optic is meant to aid the shooter in rapid target acquisition. To do this, it has an illuminated, 35 MOA red circle that allows the shooter to keep both eyes open while shooting naturally. 

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