Best STEYR Rifles of all Time

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While Steyr may not be a household name, it is revered by experienced hunters and shooters. The Steyr company prides itself in creating quality, reliable weapons that shooters can count on.

Currently, over 50 militaries all over the world carry Steyr products such as the AUG Assault Rifle. When it comes to weapons, Steyr is most known for their rifles.

Below is a list of the best STEYR rifles of all time (voted on by you).

#1 Steyr HS .50

While this is one of the most expensive rifles in the Steyr family, it is for good reason.  The Steyr HS .50 caliber rifle is built for long-range shooting. It has a cold hammer forged barrel that Is free-floating that gives this weapon great precision in any type of situation. One of the most important features of this particular rifle is its ability to be quickly assembled or disassembled.  Additionally, the barrel mounted scope adds to the speed of assembly while also ensuring accuracy between uses. Extra features include a comfortable pistol grip, a newly engineered bipod, and an adjustable recoil pad and cheek piece.

#2 Steyr SM12 SX

Starting off the list is the Steyr SM12 SX rifle.  This model adds a new SX stock to the original and classic Steyr SM12, giving it a more ergonomic design overall. Not only is this weapon strong and durable, but it is also lightweight so that it can be carried easily for long periods of time. The grip and end of the stock are both equipped with polymer inlays. This enhances the grip of the shooter in both wet and dry conditions so that no slipping happens to affect the precision of your shot. This model is offered in standard, mountain, and magnum options depending on your personal needs. 

#3 Steyr THB Sporting Rifle

The Steyr THB is a sporting rifle that is one of the most popular choices by shooters all over the world. This rifle is fed from Steyr’s proprietary 5-round, double stack, polymer magazine. This system features a two stage magazine securing mechanism (see Pro Hunter II for description of this system). Out of the box, this rifle is equipped with a glass-reinforced polymer, ventilated stock. It is also resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and is extremely durable. This rifle is available in both .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmore. Barrel length and finish depends on the model that you choose. 

#4 Steyr Pro Hunter II

The Steyr Pro Hunter II is a stylish weapon that is offered in a Mossy Oak Elements pattern, Terra Gila pattern, or a Pepper wood grain.  This rifle also comes fitted with a Boyds Prairie Hunter laminated wood stock. More specifically, the Steyr Pro Hunter II has SBS actions, as well as two stage magazines.  SBS (Safe Bolt System) is a safety function that gives the operator three settings that are operated by a wheel switch on the receiver. Also, the two stage magazine feature gives the shooter the opportunity to lock in the magazine but allow the bolt to be operated while not chambering the rounds in the magazine. 


The Steyr MONOBLOC is an ultra-accurate hunting rifle that is built to military grade standards. This means that it is durable, tough, and extremely reliable-qualities that most hunters are looking for in their weapons. The name, Monobloc, is in reference to the construction of the rifle.  The barrel and housing are made from one single piece.  This gives the weapon the best accuracy possible. As far as safety goes, the Steyr MONOBLOC is equipped with a hand-cocking system, bolt lock, and a removable trigger unit.

#6 Steyr Carbon CL II

Another popular hunting rifle is the Steyr Carbon CL II. This model has the well-known accuracy of a traditional Steyr rifle, but is made with a light carbon fiber stock to reduce the overall weight of the weapon. This material also has a quieting effect on the weapon, similar to that of a wooden stock.  When it comes to accessories, the Steyr Carbon CL II includes the Steyr FlexSight.  This sight allows the shooter to change from open sights to a silencer or muzzle brake and back without the need for tools. Caliber options for this weapon include the 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Lap Mag, and .308 Winchester. 

#7 Steyr SSG 08

The Steyr SSG 08 was originally designed and manufactured for professional use. This is a high precision and high performance bolt action rifle that was made to be used in harsh environments. The heavy, cold forged barrel is free floated for optimum performance. The aircraft aluminum stock has an adjustable rear monopod, in addition to a vertically and horizontally adjustable cheek piece and recoil pad. As with many other Steyr rifles, this model is equipped with the Safe Bolt System for the ultimate safety.  Finish options include a classic black or a choice between light or dark camouflage patterns.


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