Best Safariland Holsters for Compact Pistols

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Safariland is known for its holsters, body armor, and other useful accessories.  It offers a wide range of products to assist the military, fire/rescue teams, competitive shooters, or just everyday conceal carry civilians.  If you are looking for a holster to conceal your compact pistol, but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Below, we will detail what features to consider when looking for a compact pistol holster, as well as some of the best Safariland holsters that can be used for compact pistols.

What to look for in a holster

When shopping for a holster, there are many different aspects to consider. Here are a few of the major features to think about before making a decision.


Style is perhaps the most important aspect of holster for you to consider. The style holster you choose depends almost entirely on your preference and what instances you plan to use your holster for.  Some examples of popular holster styles are OWB (over the waistband), IWB (inside the waistband), Appendix Carry, Cross Draw, Shoulder, Belly Band, Ankle, or Pocket. 


Something else to consider is if you want your holster to be concealed during carry.  This is beneficial for many people, like civilians.  However, law enforcement officers and military may not want their firearms to be concealed.  

Locking System

Make sure the holster you choose has some type of secure locking system.  An ALS, or Automatic Locking System, is typically most popular.  However, some shooters prefer an SLS, or Self Locking System, instead. Some holsters have both systems for ultimate retention. If you’re not sure which you prefer, test out holsters with each before choosing. 


When shopping for a holster, you want to make sure that it provides some protection for your firearm from your body.  Everyone produces sweat, and you need to make sure it doesn’t cause damage to your firearm from being up against your body. 


Also consider the ability for your holster to keep your weapon firmly in place.  You need to make sure it secures your weapon completely without sliding around or slipping out of place.  This quality is imperative for a safe weapon carry. 


Safariland 6478 RDS ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

One of the most popular Safariland holsters for a compact pistol is the 6478 RDS ALS Concealment Paddle Holster.  This holster checks all the boxes for holster requirements, and then some.  It is made specifically for use with weapons that are equipped with red dot optics. Installed with an Automatic Locking System, this holster keeps your firearm safe and secure when not in use. It provides users with a straight up draw once the ALS is deactivated. 

This holster has a paddle attachment upon arrival, but also comes with a standard belt loop if you should want to switch. The inside of the holster is lined with suede to keep the finish on your handgun safe. With over 4,000 positive reviews online, it is sure to be a great fit for you and your firearm.

Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS Mid-Ride, Level III Retention Duty Holster

Another popular model for compact pistols is the Safariland Model 6360 ALS/SLS mid-ride, level III retention duty holster. This holster combines Automatic and Self locking systems for the utmost safety. The ALS locks the weapon once it is holstered, and the SLS is a rotating hood, securing your firearm in all directions until it is needed. There is no twisting required to draw.  For convenience, just pull straight out of the holster once all releases are deactivated.

Inside the holster, there is a soft, suede lining that protects the finish of the weapon and keeps it safe from moisture. It also gives protection to the sights of the gun, if applicable. This model is a mid-rise belt loop, allowing your firearm to stay close to your body at all times.  It also is rated to have Level III Retention, meaning that it has a total of three actions before the weapon is free.  

Safariland Model 7377 7TS ALS Concealment Belt Loop Holster

One of the most popular holsters on the entire Safariland site is the Model 7377 7TS ALS Concealment Belt Loop Holster. This holster is safe, easy to use, and affordable. The Automatic Locking System keeps your firearm secure as soon as it is holstered.  It allows for a straight up draw once the ALS is released.  This holster does not have SLS, giving you the ability to draw your weapon quickly.  The body of the holster is made from a material called SafariSeven.  This material is a non-abrasive, nylon blend that keeps your firearm’s finish intact. 

The design of the model 7377 7TS holster is made to create air space around your firearm so that moisture and dirt can be cleared quickly. The included belt loop is injection molded and fully adjustable for cant.  It can also be work crossdraw if preferred. Lastly, this holster is structurally sound at very high heat and very low cold temperatures.  The safe temperatures range from 300 degrees Fahrenheit to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.  This feature makes this particular holster great for those who need to wear their weapons in extreme temperatures. 

Final Thoughts

Looking for the right holster for your compact pistol can be a daunting task. Hopefully, this article has taught you what to look for and given you a few great options to choose from.


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