Best Aero Precision Products

They make the things that go PewPew

If you are an avid shooter, chances are you may not have even heard of the company Aero Precision. However, if you have handled or own an AR, you most likely have come into contact with at least one of their products. What started out as a primarily aeronautic manufacturer, has expanded and added weapons parts to their repertoire.

Aero Precision specializes in making uppers and lowers that many shooters use to rebuild their weapons with. Their products have become popular in recent years because they are well made with high quality materials that last through years of shooting.

Below is a list of some of the most highly-rated weapons products from Aero Precision voted on by you.

#1 AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver, Gen 2

With almost 60 five star reviews, the AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver, Gen 2 from Aero Precision is one of the most popular and highly rated products from the company. This lower receiver is the perfect starting point for your custom build AR15.  This product is machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum for the ultimate precision and strength, so it is compatible with all standard AR15 parts and components.

The improvements that make this lower receiver Gen 2 are the upper tension screw and the increased magwell flare. The upper tensions screw allows the user to more easily fine tune the fit of the upper and lower receivers.  This nylon tipped screw provides a tight fit with any standard AR15 upper receiver. As for the increased magwell flare, this allows the user to more easily insert magazines.  It also provides a more sleek and polished overall look for your weapon.

#2 AR15 Carbine Buffer Kit APRH100151

Another highly rated Aero Precision product is the AR15 Carbine Buffer Kit. If you are looking to improve the functionality of your AR-15, this Carbine Buffer Kit will do the trick. This kit includes a carbine buffer, buffer spring, end plate, and lock nut. 

The buffer tube in this kit is made of 7075-T6 aluminum, an aluminum alloy that has high strength, toughness, and good resistance to fatigue, so it will last for a long time. This kit has high quality materials for an affordable price, so you won’t break the bank when you want to rebuild your AR. Users rave that this kit gave their rifle a second life by making it operate smoothly with no catching or sticking. It is also designed to absorb recoil.

#3 Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount

The Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount, SPR from Aero Precision is another popular product that gets a lot of positive attention from users. This is the perfect product for shooters who want to attach an optic to their weapon without adding a lot of extra weight. This scope mount is machined from 6061 T6 extruded aluminum for strength with minimal weight.  

When choosing this scope mount, you have the option of choosing an anodized finish or a Cerakote finish, depending on the type of strength or corrosion resistance you are looking for. Aero Precision’s Ultralight 30mm Scope Mount has a rear ring that is moved forward two inches in order to provide extra eye relief, providing comfort for the shooter.

#4 M5 .308 Upper Receiver

If you are looking to rebuild your rifle, using the AOAR308503A M5 .308 Upper Receiver for an AR-10 is a great addition that will make operation smooth, enhancing your overall shooting experience. This receiver is equipped with a port door.  It is also pre-installed with forward assist hardware so that installation is simple and straightforward.

As far as materials go, the M5 .308 Upper Receiver is made from light and durable 7075-T6 aluminum.  It also has an anodized finish for increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Users are impressed with the smooth operation and feel of their weapon after installing this upper receiver.

#5 AR15 ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard

The AR15 ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard is a well-liked product from Aero Precision built for AR-15 carbines.  This handguard gives you a reliable platform for mounting all kinds of accessories or optics of your choosing. This product is designed with only front and rear Picatinny rails to keep the weight added to your weapon low and barely noticeable.  Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, this handguard is strong and durable, yet lightweight at the same time.  It is also designed with QD sling sockets for seamless sling attachment.  They are positioned at the 3, 6, and 9’o’clock positions for the ultimate convenience.

#6 AR15 BAR Barrel Nut and Shims

The AR15 BAR Barrel Nut and Shims from Aero Precision are a highly-rated product. They are used to install handguards on standard threaded upper receivers. To make sure that this barrel nut and shims fit your forends precisely, they are fitted with the proprietary BAR interface. This system also allows for safe and secure installation.

Like many Aero Precision products, the AR-15 BAR Barrel Nut and Shims are machined from billet aluminum with an anodized finish.  It is important to note that in order to install, you must have a standard AR15 armorer’s wrench, as well as an adjustable torque wrench and anti-seize grease. 

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