The Top 10 Weapons in Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn takes players and injects them into the post-apocalyptic region of Hope County, Montana. Nearly 17 years after the bombs dropped in Far Cry 5, we return to Montana hoping to reclaim the county for the citizens still surviving.

It’s harder than it sounds, as the region has recently been populated with a slew of bandits and a dangerous biker gang known as “the Highwaymen”. Luckily, Far Cry New Dawn contains a slew of weapons and firearms to take down your foes.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best weapons in Far Cry New Dawn, so you can destroy the Highwaymen in style. From goofy melee weapons to the most explosive firearms you can find, here are our favorite weapons in Far Cry New Dawn!

#1 Makeshift Slingshot

The bottom of this list is mostly comprised of weapons that aren't always the best choice, but work really well when the situation accounts for it.

The Makeshift Slingshot isn't exactly a powerful weapon. However, if you are accurate and stealthy, you can easily sneak up on an enemy and kill them with one shot to the head.

There are so many firearms in Far Cry New Dawn, that it's fun to take a break from the bullets and go old-school. If you miss a headshot with the slingshot, you're going to have a bad time.

However, nailing a foe in the dome with a lightning-fast rock is a surefire way to gain the upperhand.

#2 Optimism Shovel

You can equip a handful of melee weapons in Far Cry New Dawn, ranging from barbed steel baseball bats to classic metal pipes. One weapon stands out from the rest, though.

Due to its wacky nature and hilarious impact, the Optimism Shovel is a great weapon to use if you want to inflict some humor with your hurt. The design of the Optimism Shovel is simple; it's a basic shovel with a yellow smiley face painted on the bottom of blade.

Every time you bash an enemy in the face, you're essentially letting them kiss your metal buddy. It's the last kiss they'll ever have, so you're essentially doing them a favor.

If you feel like getting exceptionally up-close and personal, grab yourself an Optimism Shovel for maximum humor potential.

#3 Optimized AKMS

For fans of the AK-47, this AKMS will surely please. The Optimized AKMS sits on a higher tier of weapon, only unlockable after you spent a decent amount of time in the game.

However, the Optimized AKMS stands out as one of the best assault rifles available, thanks to its high damage, fantastic rate of fire, and handy knife bayonet. Whether you're picking off baddies from the treeline or fighting them up-close-and-personal, the Optimized AKMS is a great choice.

Find yourself in CQC during a reload?

Simply stab your opponent to death using the knife attachment. It's a great gun with incredible versatility, and one of the finest automatic weapons available in the game.

#4 Makeshift M60

There are a few other LMGs in Far Cry New Dawn, but the Makeshift M60 balances utility with power. Sometimes, you need a significant amount of firepower, but you don't want to sacrifice speed and mobility.

The Makeshift M60 gives players plenty of opportunities to spray lead upon their enemy, but you won't have to spend your life savings to do so. Unlike some of the rarer LMGs, the Makeshift M60 provides an noticeable impact without breaking the bank.

You'll be able to mow down foes and still have resources to spare, as long as you don't let yourself get too trigger happy.

#5 “Sin Eater” D2

There's no shortage of shotguns in New Dawn, but few have as much style as the Sin Eater D2. This classic double-barreled shotgun is a prime choice for blasting bandits into the afterlife.

It's a great weapon for destroying enemies that don't respect your personal space.

However, it's not the power that makes the Sin Eater so great. It's the sexy gold trimmings that make up the barrels and stock.

Few shotguns look this good (and valuable), so you'll definitely want to grab it if possible.

#6 Makeshift RAT4

Like the Makeshift M60, there are better versions of the RAT4 in Far Cry New Dawn.

By the time you're able to unlock them, you'll probably not be needing explosives. Explosives are good early on in New Dawn, but once you unlock a few great snipers, there's rarely a need to engage on such a bombastic level.

That said, the Makeshift RAT4 is excellent for taking out enemy convoys, blowing up squads that are camping by cars, and generally causing mayhem. The Makeshift RAT4 packs a hell of a punch, so it's a great bazooka to carry around with you early on.

#7 “Blood Dragon” Recurve Bow

The Blood Dragon Recurve Bow is the polar opposite of the Makeshift RAT4. This legendary bow is a perfect tool for the more stealthy killers out there. There are a number of bows available to use, but the Blood Dragon Recurve Bow is well worth the resources needed to craft it.

The sleek and sexy design is simply a cosmetic benefit; the real power rests in the bow's absolute precision. It's an excellent tool for dispatching both animals and humans alike, so whether you're hunting in the wilds or protecting yourself from bandits, the Blood Dragon Recurve Bow is a fantastic silent weapon to have.

#8 “Space Force” VECTOR.45 ACP

I'm a big fan of SMGs, and the “Space Force” Vector.45 ACP is definitely on the top of that list. Besides having an awesome cosmetic skin that's based on the new Space Force military branch, this Vector.45 sprays more lead than you'll know what to do with.

When gunfights start weaving through buildings and tunnels, this SMG is a great weapon to have. Between this and the Sin Eater D2, no one will be able to get within 15 feet of you before meeting their doom.

#9 Optimized MBP .50

There are a handful of snipers available in New Dawn, but the Optimized MBP .50 got the job done time and time again.

This incredibly powerful .50 cal sniper can easily down an enemy with a single body shot, and from incredible distances. If you prefer the element of surprise, the Optimized MBP .50 is the perfect sniper to take with you.

The attached silencer makes it must-have for stealth missions, and the incredible damage and accuracy helps out everywhere else.

For those players who like adjusting their scope and taking their time, the Optimized MBP .50 is a must for your arsenal.

#10 The Saw Launcher

The Saw Launcher is the newest addition in the Far Cry arsenal, and regardless of what version you end up carrying, it will be one of the most valuable weapons in your inventory.

All you need to know about the Saw Launcher is right there in the name; it launches saw-blades. As you obtain better versions of the Saw Launcher, you'll be able to fire multiple blades at once.

These high-speed death discs fly fast, and if they miss their target, will ricochet towards the nearest foe. It's a weapon that doesn't require insane accuracy to deliver results.

Besides being one of the more unique weapons to equip, the Saw Launcher excels with its lethality and quick kill potential.

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