The Greatest Half-Life Guns of All Time

The OG of FPS games…

The Half-Life series are some of the most influential games of all-time, for both the first-person shooter genre and gaming as a whole. The first Half-Life released in 1999, and the game follows the story of Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist working at the Black Mesa Research facility.

One day, during a dangerous experiment, Gordon and his team accidentally open a portal to another dimension. Unable to close the portal, Gordon and his team attempt to escape while alien beings known as the Xen start to cross through. Gordon’s adventure continues in Half-Life 2, which added some seriously cool weapons to the Half-Life arsenal.

The Half-Life franchise is well-known for its tight controls, satisfying gameplay, and revolutionary storytelling mechanics. Both creepy and action-packed, Half-Life rides the meticulous line between a horror game, an adventure game, and an FPS. Luckily, the variety blends together wonderfully, resulting in a memorable experience.

A good chunk of that experience is spent blasting through alien and human enemies alike, using a variety of weapons. We’ve crafted a list of our favorite guns from the Half-Life franchise, ranging from RPGs to pistols.

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#1 Gravity Gun

While not a gun in the conventional sense, the Gravity Gun is one of the most iconic Half-Life weapons. You first discover the Gravity Gun in the creepy town of Ravenholm, where disturbing abominations roam free. It's the perfect playground for some excellent physics-bending action.

The best part about the Gravity Gun is its versatility and ease-of-use. You can suck up various items in the environment and then shoot the right back out with deadly force. Things get even crazier when the Gravity Gun gets supercharged towards the end of the game, allowing Gordon to pick up and blast entire enemies like ragdolls.

#2 The SPAS-12

When you're facing down an inter-dimensional creature and you're not sure how to hurt it, there's nothing more reliable than a shotgun. The SPAS-12 is pretty effective at inflicting pain, and it sounds killer to boot. The only downside is its lengthy reload animation, but that can be canceled at any time with a quick pull of the trigger.

The SPAS-12 also has a bit of versatility, with an alternative firing mode that increases the pellet spread at the cost of fire rate. SPAS-12 ammo isn't very difficult to come by, ensuring that you'll always have another shell to load. When your pistol or crowbar doesn't do the job, the SPAS-12 will.

#3 The Colt Python

This .357 Magnum gives Gordon all the stopping power a man could want. You can acquire the Colt Python relatively early in both Half-Life games, providing some much needed firepower. If you're able to land a shot on target, the Colt Python can usually bury an enemy in one shot. Careful with the recoil though; this thing kicks like a mule.

The only downside to the Colt Python is the rarity of its ammo, which is as scarce as can be. As such, you should really only use this magnum when facing down an exceptionally tough boss. The Colt Python has saved my skin more than once when the going got tough, so I had to include it on this list.

#4 The Tau Cannon

This unbelievably powerful energy weapon packs a surprising punch, with a recoil big enough to send you skyward. The Tau Cannon has two different firing modes: one that shoots yellow beams at a decent rate, and another that charges and unleashes one powerful shot. Better yet, the Tau Cannon doesn't need to be reloaded, and will keep firing until you run out of ammo.

The Tau Cannon is one of our favorite Half-Life weapons because of its neat design, unique firing capabilities, and its overall power. With the charged shot, you can cut through enemies and walls alike, taking out multiple foes at once. You could also clean house with it in multiplayer deathmatch, thanks to its incredibly high damage output.

#5 The RPG

Nothing smashes through Xen invaders like a big 'ol RPG launcher! There's something inherently satisfying about pulling the trigger on the Half-Life RPG, aided by cool sound effects and an awesome animation. It's also fantastic at taking down helicopters, which is exactly what you do after finding the weapon in Half-Life.

The RPG provides explosive power without sacrificing accuracy, thanks to the laser-guidance system. You can still fire the RPG without any assistance, which can be effective in some situations. However, it's often far more entertaining to guide the rocket around using the laser, taking out enemies that are cowering behind cover.

#6 The MP5

When you need a bit of extra firepower but don't have any explosive weapons to use, the MP5 is a great choice. Although its accuracy isn't the best and it won't hold back waves of enemies, there's always ammo laying around for the MP5. Combine that with its grenade launcher attachment, and you have a reliable gun for any situation.

The MP5 might not be the most powerful or deadliest weapon in the Half-Life arsenal, but it has one of the fastest fire rates in the game. This makes it ideal for close quarters combat, where accuracy doesn't really matter. There are plenty of winding hallways in both Half-Life games, providing plenty of opportunities to let loose with the MP5.


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