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    Mutant AK47 and AR15: What are Mutants?

    2 Iconics go head to head

    Which is better: the AR15 or the AK47? Thirty years ago, the answer would have been up to personal preference. For decades, the battle for the “best” title has been going on with both rifles neck in neck.  But what if there was a way to combine the greatest aspects of both of these rifles […] More

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    CMMG Company Review

    Good looks equal good product?

    CMMG is an American company that manufactures AR rifles, components, and small parts.  It is a relatively new company, established in just 2002, but has seen great success and growth since its inception. Keep reading for a brief history and review of the CMMG company. Beginnings In 2002, four members of the Overstreet family, John […] More

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    Best Safariland Holsters for 1911

    At the time of its creation, no one knew that the M1911 would eventually be one of the most popular weapons systems ever developed.  It has been adopted and used by the military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters for over a century, and will continue to be used for a century more. Because of its […] More

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    Best Safariland Holsters for Compact Pistols

    Best form fitting and comfort

    Safariland is known for its holsters, body armor, and other useful accessories.  It offers a wide range of products to assist the military, fire/rescue teams, competitive shooters, or just everyday conceal carry civilians.  If you are looking for a holster to conceal your compact pistol, but don’t know where to start, we have got you […] More

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    Sturm, Ruger & Co.

    Sturm, Ruger, & Co., more commonly referred to as Ruger, is an American company that produces and manufactures firearms.  While the company is based in Connecticut, there are also manufacturing sites in New Hampshire, Arizona, and North Carolina. Many gun aficionados are quite familiar with the Ruger name, although they may not be aware of […] More

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    SIG SP2022

    One of the more little known pistols in SIG Sauer’s lineup is the SIG Pro series, and specifically the SP2022. SIG is most well known for their 220 series of pistols (including the 226 and 229) as well as the newer P320, which was accepted as the new U.S. military’s sidearm to replace the Beretta […] More

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    Glock 20 Review

    We know, you want a mini version of it.. But this is a review of the real deal. More

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    Beretta 92 Variants

    One of the most famous pistols ever created, the Beretta 92 has been the flagship handgun in Beretta’s pistol lineup ever since it was first introduced in the mid-1970s. The Beretta 92 holds the distinction of serving as the US military’s sidearm from 1985 to 2017, as the sidearm for many other law enforcement and […] More

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    Everything to know about the SIG MPX

    The SIG MPX is a gas-operated submachine gun designed and manufactured in the United States by SIG Sauer.  For those who have owned one, it is referred to as the ultimate sub gun.   We would expect nothing less in quality, reliability, and functionality from one of the premier defense manufacturers in the world. This workhorse model is primarily chambered in the 9×19mm […] More

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