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    M1 Carbine

    One of the most iconic weapons of World War II, the M1 Carbine is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine that has seen service with militaries and civilians alike in the decades since then. Chambered for the .30 carbine caliber, which offers ballistics very similar to the .357 Magnum, the M1 .30 Carbine is, contrary to what […] More

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    The Best Ruger Handguns of all Time

    Which one pew pews the best?

    Ruger is one of the most prolific American gun manufacturers on the market, and with good reason. Their guns are almost universally known for their high quality, durable build, and robust quality.  That’s also not to mention that they offer a wide variety of different kinds of handguns as well, from .22 pistols to semi-automatic […] More

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    Top 10 Best .40 S&W Handguns

    There are few other calibers better for home defense than the .40 round. With a hell of a lot of stopping power, these rounds turn any firearm into a powerful self-defense weapon that will keep you and your family safe. However, there are a huge number of guns that you can choose from on the […] More

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    6.5 Creedmoor Review

    Need more of what?! (Dad Joke)

    If there is one new centerfire rifle caliber that has clearly taken the firearms world by storm it is undoubtedly the 6.5 Creedmoor. This newer caliber over the last several years has gained in popularity increasingly with both long range competition shooters and big game hunters alike.  So what is the 6.5 and what does […] More

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    Best Trijicon Sights

    Pewpew, I See you…

    Trijicon is a company that began by creating and producing equipment primarily for the US Marine Corps and law enforcement agencies. While these products were created with the military and law enforcement in mind, they are equally as useful and well-liked by shooters and hunters all over the world. There are many different products that […] More

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    Top 10 Most Overlooked Handguns

    Usually, the shooting world is pretty good at getting right which firearms are the best constructed and best to shoot. Sometimes though, there are a few stand out pieces that the community overlooks or underestimates. So what are these hidden gems in the handgun community? Well we’ve put them all here! You can comb through […] More

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    M24 Sniper Weapon System

    Best long range rifle in PUBG but what else…

    In this overview we’ll cover the M24 SWS, or Sniper Weapon System. The M24 is the United States sniper rifle variant of the Remington 700 rifle. M24 is simply the model name designated to the 700 since 1988. The M24 is also not just a rifle but a weapon system, as it also come with […] More

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    The Best .45 ACP Caliber Pistols

    The .45 ACP will always be a classic American caliber. Our country has a long history with this round. US soldiers fought in several wars carrying the .45 as a sidearm. Yet still, the .45 ACP seems to be losing popularity among today’s shooters. Super slim, lightweight, subcompact pistols are the hot new trend. Modern […] More

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    The Best Walther Guns of all Time

    Worth putting on in your hands?

    Walther is simply one of the most underrated and overlooked handgun manufacturers of all time. If you inquire about what the best handgun manufacturers are, you’ll most likely have answers that include Glock, Smith & Wesson, CZ, Beretta, Springfield, SIG Sauer, and HK. Do those listed gun makers make high quality firearms? Absolutely. But Walther […] More

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    .300 Blackout Review

    What exactly is it?

    Ammunition companies are constantly working to improve cartridge technology. New calibers are constantly being developed that seem to push the envelope of what’s possible for range, accuracy and ballistics. It’s incredible to think of how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Consider this. The first semi-automatic rifle appeared in 1885. A […] More

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    The Best .40 Caliber Pistols

    Big Pew Packin’

    In Miami Florida in the year 1986 a shootout took place between eight FBI agents and two bank robbers. The criminals were outgunned four to one, yet still they managed to kill two agents and wound five others. One of the bank robbers was shot multiple times and continued the fight. This deadly incident was […] More

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