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    Everything to know about the SIG MPX

    The SIG MPX is a gas-operated submachine gun designed and manufactured in the United States by SIG Sauer.  For those who have owned one, it is referred to as the ultimate sub gun.   We would expect nothing less in quality, reliability, and functionality from one of the premier defense manufacturers in the world. This workhorse model is primarily chambered in the 9×19mm […] More

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    Ruger GP100

    Ruggedness and reliability are the first things that come to mind when handling the Ruger GP100.  If current owners were polled, they would say that it is the “go to” of handguns.  The GP100 handles well when firing and maintains accuracy when shooting at distance using single or double action.  This highly versatile tool is a great value […] More

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    SIG Sauer MCX

    The SIG MCX (carbine) is a firearm family designed and manufactured by SIG USA, a subsidiary of the Sig Sauer based in New Hampshire, and made its first appearance to the market in 2015.  This versatile platform has a smooth action that features a short stroke gas piston system with a rotating bolt used in the […] More

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    Ruger LCP vs. LCP II

    The violent crime rate in the United States was at an all-time high and rising. Many law-abiding citizens were concerned for their safety in conducting their day to day activities.  This was also a time when many state legislatures passed new open and concealed carry laws in many states.   Ruger responded to the public outcry for […] More

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    Walther PDP

    In February of this year, Walther announced the introduction of a new duty pistol: the Walther PDP, or Performance Duty Pistol.  In many ways, the PDP is simply an upgraded version of Walther’s existing flagship handgun, the PPQ. In other ways, though, the PDP represents a major step forward for Walther.  With the release of […] More

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    The Best Gun Safes

    Are you currently looking to buy a gun safe but aren’t sure where to start? If so, this article will serve as an important resource for you.  We are living in tumultuous times amidst massive social unrest, an economic recession, and grave uncertainty about what the future holds.  This has resulted in a massive firearms […] More

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    Beretta 92 vs. Taurus PT92

    If you’re reading this article, chances are good you’re attempting to decide between purchasing a Beretta 92 or a Taurus PT92 for a 92-series pistol.  Is one better than the other? The Taurus PT92 has a reputation with some for being a cheap knockoff of the Beretta that doesn’t offer any advantages other than a […] More

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    Ancient Greece Military History Quiz

    Ancient Greece was one of the most influential civilizations in human history. Their philosophy, architecture, and certain cultural aspects still live on today. Something else from Ancient Greece that has been highly influential, not to mention fascinating, is their military history and tactics. Test your knowledge of the military history of Ancient Greece below: More

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    Gun History Quiz

    How well do you know your history about firearms in general? Answer these ten questions and see how you do to find out: More